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Punk Rock Music Community is a community powered site that covers punk music in Britain, but is poised to go worldwide. They cover punk and hardcore shows and festivals, and provide album reviews, video interviews and more.

With a growing audience and user base, Punktastic needed a more reliable and robust web server, so they made the move to a dedicated CentOS 5 series web server with 3GB RAM. While this is a relatively low-end box, it has plenty of horsepower for a single WordPress site and phpBB3 forum. web site

For this GIG, I soloed on…

  • transferring the site from a WAMP development server to the live LAMP server
  • configuring an active firewall to block the baddies
  • installing monitoring and administration tools
  • tuning Apache and MySQL for high traffic
  • integrating APC PHP Cache to speed up web pages and provide better concurrency

Loud Fast Rules.

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