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WordPress Fail2Ban RegEx for RedHat, CentOS, Amazon Linux

VacantServer WordPress sites are getting hammered with bad logins and probes.

We’ve implemented a plugin to log failed login attempts to syslog, and a Fail2Ban filter for the same. If you run these on RedHat, you’ll need some additional configuration info… here it is:

WordPress login failure regex (error_log):
^%(__prefix_line)sAuthentication failure for .* from <HOST>$

Apache nohome regex (error_log):

[[]client <HOST>[]] File does not exist: .*/~.*

PHP noscript regex (/home/*/logs/error_log,/var/log/httpd/error_log):

[[]client <HOST>[]] (File does not exist|script not found or unable to stat): /\S*(\.php|\.asp|\.exe|\.pl)
[[]client <HOST>[]] script '/\S*(\.php|\.asp|\.exe|\.pl)\S*' not found or unable to stat *$

XMLRPC flood attacks — DDoS and probing (/home/*/logs/access_log):


Please also enable the generic apache-nohome, apache-noscript. Install wp fail2ban plugin (and configure it for your server) on your high traffic blogs. These all are helping during the current onslaught, which also includes probing for wp-admin directories, probing for /wp-admin/login.php, plus comment spam.

A new XMLRPC exploit has the script kiddies doing DDoS and probing for vulnerable services, and possibly doing remote code execution on vulnerable services.

Here are some additional resources:

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