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Web Hosting

…forwards with support for several popular mailers. Gallery Gallery is a web based software product that lets you manage your photos. Gollem Gollem is a web-based file manager, which is part of the Horde project. Help Center Live A problem reporting and help desk application. Horde Horde is a framework for PHP applications. It is […]

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Punk Rock Music Community

…this is a relatively low-end box, it has plenty of horsepower for a single WordPress site and phpBB3 forum. web site For this GIG, I soloed on… transferring the site from a WAMP development server to the live LAMP server configuring an active firewall to block the baddies installing monitoring and administration tools tuning […]

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…p; Domain Name Registration LAMP performance tuning: Apache Prefork and Worker MPM, MySQL query cache, APC OpCode & User Cache Script and database-driven interactive technology using PHP, MySQL, Javascript, CSS video — delivered via DVD, CD, or web training media web-based online training systems print — manuals, posters, job station training materials classroom — audiovisual […]

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